Social Communications Planner

Squareberry offers a mobile and social media communications and event planner. This planner works just like a calendar, allowing you to schedule events, messages and promotions on any day you want. Make these happenings recurring or one-time. See your month’s plan and optimize your schedule to create effective mobile and social media marketing and communications.

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Mobile Marketing

Take your communications and marketing to the next level with integrated mobile marketing. With Squareberry, you can plan and schedule your SMS text messages and mobile app push notifications. Messages are easily scheduled, repeated and delivered. You can even schedule the same message to go to mobile subscribers and your social media pages.

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Mobile Website Creation & Management

The Mobile Management Area integrated into Squareberry allows you to easily build, modify and manage a complete mobile website. Your mobile site can be integrated to any existing website and offers dynamic news, calendar and custom content pages. The Mobile Website creator makes reaching mobile device users even easier.

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Automated Social Media Publishing

Squareberry automatically publishes messages about your upcoming events and promotions to social media accounts that you dictate. Set up an entire year’s worth of events and promotions and watch as Squareberry sends messages out for your followers to keep them up to date with everything going on at your organization.

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Campaigns Management and Reporting

Squareberry allows you to create campaigns to track and your communications and marketing. Tag any event, message or promotion as part of one of your campaigns. You can then export PDF reports of your campaigns tracking your follower growth, social influence, post impressions and clicks, views of your calendars, mobile site and more.

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Run Promotions

Send out digital coupon promotions to all your followers across Social Media channels. These coupons are generated digitally based on parameters you set. You can schedule these promotions to start and stop whenever you want. You can even schedule recurring promotions years in advance, sit back and watch as Squareberry’s automated publishing delivers your promotions across social media channels.

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Create Events

Create events divided into categories and Squareberry will automatically send event reminders out on social media channels. Email subscribers will receive automated emails about events including information and ICS files to add our event to their personal calendars. You can also display them on a variety of Calendar Views and Widgets.

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Schedule Social Media Messages

Create custom messages to go out on Social Media channels. Schedule these messages to send at anytime to assure your followers get the information they need when they need it. Recurring options allow you to set-up consistent communications well in advance.

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Social Media Dashboard | Analytics

Get feedback on your social influence. Check graphs to watch followers increases, see demographics data, and find out what events/promotions are getting the most views. Squareberry’s customizable dashboard let’s you decide what you organize your visual feedback to better manage your social media communication.

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Snagging lets Squareberry users grab and share categories of events and promos from other Squareberry accounts. Every account that is made can be marked as Snaggable, allowing other users to pull in their content to publish and share.

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Organize Into Custom Categories

Categories are key. Create customized categories to organize your events and promotions. Choose from a library of icons and select custom text colors. Categories also allow you to dictate settings for publishing reminder messages about your upcoming events and promotions. Events and promotions scheduled and tagged with a category will follow the settings dictated for that category.

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Full File Manager

Upload and manage files. Organize them into folders for easy access. Search your library to easily find files and more.

Social Conversations + Keyword Monitoring

Squareberry will track customized keywords so can see what people are tweeting about. You can monitor replies, direct messages and comments from Facebook and Twitter right inside Squareberry and reply to your followers in one centralized location. Squareberry lets you keep the social media conversation going.

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Utilize Calendars | Integrate Your Website

Squareberry comes complete will a full Calendar system allowing people to see all your events in sleek Calendar views. There are also a variety of widgets for displaying upcoming events. Filter any widget or view with your customized categories to display events in certain areas. You can embed any of the views or widgets onto any website to assure that people are keeping up to date with your organization.

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Facebook Landing Page

Squareberry allows you to set up a customized Facebook Landing page for showing off featured events and promotions, YouTube videos, links to your various online pages, recent posts/tweets and more. The customized Facebook Landing Page is an essential aspect of your social media presence.

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Location + Maps

Add locations to your events and promotions to drive participants right to where you are. Provide instant directions to your location with built in direction/maps features. Display maps on the web and on mobile optimized pages for on-the-go digital interaction.

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Smarter Fundraising

Unlimited dollar potential! No inventory and no door-to-door selling. Raise money for your school or organization while taking advantage of all the other great features Squareberry offers.

Using Squareberry’s built in ad management system, you can create banner or text and images ads to grab the attention of your viewers. These ads are completely controlled by you. You decide what content can go on there and sell them to any business you like.

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SMS Subscriptions

Subscribers can choose to receive automated reminders about upcoming events and promotions via text message straight to their phones. Text message communications is a vital aspect of complete social media communications.

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Email Subscriptions

Utilize fully automated email subscriptions and reminders. Your followers can subscribe to the categories they are interested and receive email reminders about upcoming events and promotions. All emails come with a detailed ICS file attached so participants can add your event to their personal calendar.

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Import Existing Calendars

Squareberry allows you to import your existing Calendars. this lets you get started right away with no delay. You can be publishing reminders across social media within a few minutes with a simple import of your existing Calendar.

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Multiple Accounts + User Management

You can manage multiple Squareberry accounts from a single login. You can even create logins for team members that are limited to specific categories, allowing your organization to work together in a secure and organized manner.

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