Social Media Management Tool

There are a lot of Social Media tools out there. So why Squareberry?

Most social media publishing tools will send out typed messages across social channels. With Squareberry, you are not just sending messages. You are delivering a combination of events, messages and promotions across social media, email, mobile devices and websites to create ideal social communications. Nothing represents and communicates your business or organization’s real world happenings better than Squareberry.

Events and Promotions are automatically published as reminders across social media channels, email, and mobile devices. Event pages and digital coupons are optimized for mobile devices. Web calendars and widgets show off your upcoming events and promotions on any website you want. Your happenings feature locations, maps, images, video, links, downloads, and more.

You can schedule customized Messages to send out across your communication channels for up-to-the-minute updates, information and announcements.

Everything can be scheduled far in advance, repeated, tracked and optimized, all in a simple and intuitive interface.

Once you start publishing, you will watch your followers grow, track top viewed items, manage social conversation, monitor keywords and more.

Squareberry is social media management that makes sense.

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