Social Media for Schools

Squareberry is the ideal communications tool for schools. It combines scheduled messaging, automated event reminders and interactive calendars and widgets to make it easy for schools to communicate with parents, students and the community.

Social Media for Schools

More and more schools are starting to use social media. This is where students and parents spend their time, so it makes sense to communicate with them there. But, many schools are not sure what to do on social media. Many schools do not have staff to sit and manage their social media and website. Squareberry makes social media for schools easy.

Squareberry works just like a calendar. Schools can schedule customized messages to go out at certain times. Events are scheduled and displayed on calendars widgets, and even a Facebook page calendar. Automated reminders about upcoming events are sent out across social media channels, to keep everyone up to date.

Online School Calendars

Calendars are a common and essential aspect of school communications. Squareberry delivers easy, interactive calendars which can be added to any website or even a Facebook page. Events can also be shown off on interactive widgets which are ideal for website home pages. With Squareberry, you enter the events once and they publish everywhere.

Squareberry’s calendars are truly social. Every event comes with social media sharing buttons to encourage others to promote your events. Your events are automatically published as reminders across social media, email and SMS. WIht Squareberry, it is easy for schools to keep everyone updated and drive more participation of school happenings.