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Why Squareberry?

Squareberry combines events, messages and promotions to represent what is happening in real life at your real location. Squareberry does not simply allow you to send social messages. You are publishing interactive events, digital coupons, widgets, calendars, locations + maps and more. Learn more about why Squareberry is different.

Who is Squareberry ideal for?

Squareberry is ideal for anyone wanting to show off real world happenings (events and promotions) and drive more people to participate in them. This includes restaurants, businesses, schools, churches, sports teams, bands and more. Squareberry is all about driving real people to participate in the real world!

What does automated publishing mean?

Basically, you (or anyone else) does not have to sit there and post to social media in real time. You can schedule messages, events and promotions well into the future. Squareberry then automatically publishes messages based on a variety of settings and details.

Doesn’t it cost money to send SMS text messages?

Yes, it does. But, Squareberry does not up-charge for SMS messages at all. We allow you to connect directly to a leading SMS platform, Twilio. You pay them directly for SMS usage and schedule/publish your messages using Squareberry.

Can I import my current calendar into Squareberry?

Yes you can!

We know that you are busy, and might already have a calendar – but not one that publishes to social media. With Squareberry’s import feature, set up categories, your social media accounts, and publishing settings, then simply import your events to begin publishing immediately. For more information Click Here.

Can I specifically dictate the time of every social message that goes out?

Squareberry is designed to make your life easier. You enter events once and get them on web calendar views, widgets and published to Social Media channels. The system is set-up to optimize consistent and effective communication. However, if you wish to be very detail oriented, you can simply create scheduled custom messages in the Messages section to correspond with your events. These can go out at any specific time(s).

Learn About Events + Messages + Promotions

What is Snagging?

Snagging lets you share and use other users share categories of events and promotions. When someone creates a category in their account, they select whether it can be snagged or not. If it can, other accounts can Snag it and have it show up on their event views, publish to their social accounts and more. All the events and promotions created by the original category maker are pushed out to everyone who is snagging it.

What are “Calendar Views”?

Essentially they are Calendars. But events are not tied to Calendars in the traditional way. You can have one event displayed on any number of “Views.” These views can include certain categories and parameters, and can be placed onto any website using simple embed codes.

What is a “Fundraising” account?

Free Squareberry accounts come with spots for Advertisements to be placed. We give you the option to fill these in with your own custom ads. You buy the ads spots from us and can turn around and sell them for any amount you want. It is an easy and effective fundraising tool you can take advantage of.

Why are my demographics only from Facebook?

Simply because Twitter does not provide this data. Generally speaking, Facebook provides much more in depth analytics and statistics on your followers.

Can I upgrade my existing account to get the Pro/Mobile level features?

YES! For more information on upgrading your account, CLICK HERE.

Why is my Twitter Followers line graph a straight line?

Twitter does not store your history of followers. Because of this, we store your records and create our own history, but when you first start off it will take a few weeks for that history to build. After 30 days, you should have a nice graph that clearly represents the growth of your followers base.

The Great Fifth Sunday Debate!

Fifth Sunday? Well, doesn’t that only happen 4 times a year? Something like that. Most “Calendar” programs don’t even support it. I guess they think you should just enter 4 separate events. We don’t quite understand. Why not just put that in? If you enter an event and say it repeats on the Fifth Sunday (or Tuesday, or Friday) – it will show up on the Fifth Sunday for whatever months have a fifth. If the month does not have a fifth, it will not show up. That seems easy.