School Mobile and Social Communications Tool

Automated Calendar Reminders on Social and Mobile

Squareberry features automated messaging to remind your followers about your upcoming events, meetings and more. Based on your settings, automated reminders about your upcoming calendar items will be sent out across social media channels and mobile devices.

Web Calendars and Widgets

Integrate your website with a variety of calendars and widgets. Show off all your events with a full calendar page, or display featured happenings on an interactive home page slider or sidebar widget.

Facebook Page Calendar

Make your school’s Facebook Page as powerful as your website. Integrate a full, dynamic calendar to show off your entire school calendar complete with schedules, special events, fine arts, and athletics.

Scheduled Messaging

Plan and schedule your social media posts and SMS text messages far in advance. Deliver news and keep your social media fans and mobile subscribers up to date with everything you have going on.

School Staff Certified

Squareberry is easy to use. Web based and designed with normal staff members in mind, anyone can update, create and manage content.

Mobile Website

With Squareberry, you can build, update and share a sleek and dynamic mobile website. Adding pages, media and text is easy! You can share videos, photos and show off all your events. Mobile users will be kept up-to-date with your dynamic mobile calendars.

School Mobile Website