Restaurant Social and Mobile Marketing

Mobile Website

With Squareberry, you can build, update and share a sleek and dynamic mobile website. Adding pages, media and text is easy! You can share videos, show off your promotions and even create a full menu with all the food and drink you offer.

Social Inbox

See all your comments, mentions and questions posted by people on social media in one place. The centralized social inbox makes keeping up with social media conversations easy and seamless.

Locations and Directions

The bottom line is that you want MORE PEOPLE coming to your restaurant location. Squareberry let’s you attach a location with maps/directions to every event and coupon promotion you create and display your location prominently on your mobile website. Every aspect of your communications should lead to more customers at your location. Squareberry gives you the tools to do this.

Unified Communications Tool

Why jump around from one place to a next to communicate with your fans? With Squareberry’s social communication planner you will schedule and deliver social media messages, SMS text messages and even mobile app push notifications from on centralized place!

Events and Promotions

Special events and coupon promotions help draw in more and more customers to restaurants. With Squareberry, you can easily plan, schedule and publish what you have going on. Your events and promotions can be displayed on widgets on your website, published as reminders on social media and displayed on mobile calendars.

Mobile Coupon Promotion