1. SignUp For Squareberry

Go to squareberry.com. Once there you will go to the top of the page and select the “Pricing + Sign Up” button. On the Pricing + Sign Up page, you will see three pricing options. Each version has specific benefits, and dictates how many social accounts you can add, access to promotions and so on.

Once you have selected an account type, you will be taken to the Sign Up page where you will provide your information. You will need an Account Name and an Account ID – the name of your organization and your unique ID.

Account Created Successfully

2. Connect to Social Accounts

Learn How To Make A Facebook Page >

Learn How To Set Up A Twitter Account >

Now, you will want to connect your social media accounts to your new Squareberry account. You begin this process by clicking the gear icon on the top menu bar and then selecting Social Accounts from the drop down menu. At the top of the next screen, clicking the “Add Social Account” button will take you to the “Add Social Accounts” page. You must then provide a name for your new social account (to help you identify it) and select what type of social account connection it is. A “Connect Now” button will then appear.

Once you click “Connect Now” you will be redirected to the website login page for that social account where you will type your login information. You must provide Authorization for Squareberry. Once completed you will be redirected back to Squareberry where you may have to select a specific page/group (depending on the type of social account you are connecting). Hit “Submit” to finish the process and your social account will be added.

3. Create Some Categories

Squareberry categories are exactly what they sound like. They are a way of grouping events and promotions. To manage your categories, click the gear icon on the menu and select Categories from the drop down. You can then select “Add Category” to create a new category.

On the Add Category page you can choose the name, text color, icon, social account publishing options, snagging preferences and location(s). Snagging is an option that gives other Squareberry users the ability to pull in your created category and place its Events and Promotions in their account.

The various publishing settings control when and where reminders about events and promotions will be sent. The settings you dictate here will effect any event or promotion you tag with this category. Social account publishing settings will be discussed in more detail in Step #7.

4. Add Your Location(s)

The next step is to add locations to your account. Click the gear icon on the top menu and select “Locations”. Click “Add Location” at the top to create a new one.

You will just need to provide the location title and address as well as any relevant notes. (ex. “Up the elevator to the left.”) You also have the option to drag and drop the map marker to place it exactly where you want it to go. This will be where the marker shows up whenever the map to this location is displayed.

Any event or promotion you create can be tagged with one or more locations. These locations will be displayed on the detail page for your event/promotion and allow me to get directions to your location.

5. Try the Planner

On the menu bar click the “Planner” button. The planner is an intuitive and easy to manage calendar-like interface where you can schedule events, messages and promotions in advance. Just click the “Add” button on the appropriate date to display a screen that will give you the option of planning an event, message or promotion.

You can also click on existing items on the Planner to Edit or View them. When you click an existing item, a pop-up comes up that gives you details and options.

Social Media Planner

6. Schedule Events, Messages and Promotions


When you click the “Add New Event” button you will be taken to the Add Event page. On this page you will type in the name of the event and add it to one or more categories and locations. You will also specify the time and date of the event as well as if it repeats.

There is also the ability to create a tally to gain feedback from an interactive poll question. You will then add any details, info, images, etc. that you want to the “Content” area. Automated social media messages are sent out to remind followers about your events based on your settings your provided for the category(s) this event is in.


Squareberry messages appear as posts on a Facebook Fan Page or LinkedIn account, and as tweets on a Twitter account. When you click on the “Add New Message” button you will be taken to the Add Message page. Give the message a name so you can identify it, specify the date and time, and provide the actual message text (there is a character counter for the character limits).

We’ve also included a URL shortener so you can maximize the use of your characters when sending out a link. Insert a URL into the URL shortener and click ‘Shorten URL”. The new shorter version will be added to your message.

Lastly, you must select where your message will publish to by checking the appropriate social accounts. Any social account you have added in the Social Accounts area will display here and can be checked.


Promotions are digital coupons that will be published across social media channels and be optimized for mobile devices. For the most part, they function the same way events do. However, they are built using a standardized template with specific fields such as “The Deal”, “Deal Description” etc. Filling in these fields with the information for your promotion will build the promotion into the set coupon template.

The template features the option of a generated barcode for your use. You can even add an image for the promotion. Social Media reminder messages about upcoming promotions will be sent out (just like with events) based on your settings.

You can also import your existing calendars and events. Learn more about importing ICS >

7. Tune Your Settings

Social Publishing Settings for events and promotions are controlled at the Category level. For every category you make, you can select social accounts to publish automated reminders to. You also select settings for each of these social accounts for that particular category. Just go to the Categories area and Edit any category. You will see your social accounts listed with a checkbox for each. Check the social accounts you wish to use and then select the publishing settings. If you select “1 day before event” then an automated message will publish 1 day before any schedule event in that category to remind people about the upcoming event and give them details.

Read More On These Settings

8. Add Calendars + Widgets to Your Website

First, go to the “Calendars & Widgets” area by clicking the “Calendars & Widgets” button on the main menu. Squareberry allows you to create customized “Views” which contain any categories you dictate. You could have a Sports Calendar, Women’s Activities Calendar, or a Master Calendar with everything. When you create a custom Event View you dictate which categories will be displayed in the calendars and widgets of that View.

Every view you make can be displayed as full calendars or interactive widgets. Click the embed button to the right of whichever type of calendar/widget you want to use. You will be presented with a po-up window that may give you some options for your embed code. Once you generate and embed code with your options, copy the embed code and paste it into your website’s code. It is as easy as adding a YouTube video.

9. Run a Listen&Count Poll

With Squareberry you can run interactive polls and gather responses on Twitter, mobile devices and on your website. Go to the “Listen&Count Polls” area. The first screen lists all your existing polls and allows you to add a new one. Select “Add Listen&Count” to create a new one.

You will then name your poll and check of where you would like to gather responses. When you check “Track on Website Poll” you are asked to enter text that will display on your website poll. Text or Questions typed in here will display on the poll widget you add to your website. You can then set a dat range or select “No Date Range”.

You can add any number of keywords and aliases. Keywords are the main words that display on graphs, etc. Aliases are alternative words that count towards the keyword. For example if you keyword is “Phone” you could add aliases such as “telephone” “cell” and “cellular”. Responses with these aliases count for that keyword.

Once your poll is set-up, you can schedule any number of messages to publish and ask your question, take your poll or request feedback. Any replies to you on your website poll, via SMS or on twitter with a keyword or alias you specified will be counted.

Back on the Listen&Count Polls list screen, there are 3 buttons for the 3 widgets for each poll:

  • Web Poll Widget – Embed this poll on your website to gather responses to your poll right on your website.
  • Calendar Count – Calendar showing responses day by day for your poll.
  • Poll Count Widget – Pie or Column chart displaying stats on your poll. Embed on your website to display poll stats to the world.

Tracking polls on SMS is only available in account with an active Twilio connection.

10. Add More Users

Squareberry allows you to add multiple users to a single account. You can add users in the “Users” area (click the gear icon on the menu and select “Users”. On the “Add User” page you will type in the user’s first and last name, their e-mail address and the User Type. An Administrator will have complete access to change anything on your Squareberry account, but an Author will only be allowed to access the things that you specify. You can dictate specific categories to give them access to or even restrict them from scheduling messages/events/promotions. Once you submit the new user they will receive an e-mail from Squareberry. They must follow the “Activate Account” link and enter a password to gain access.

11. Mobile Management Area

The Mobile Management area in Squareberry allows you to manage your mobile content. add calendars, restaurant menus, catalogs, videos and more. You can easily create a sleek and dynamic mobile website. You can add pages, create sub-menus, and more using an easy web interface. We have a complete guide to every page type in the mobile management area here.

Squareberry features SMS scheduling and publishing. SMS messaging is sent via Twilio, a leading SMS platform. Learn More About Setting Up Twilio Integration Here >

*Mobile Management and SMS scheduling and messaging through Twilio are only available in Mobile + Social (formerly Mobile Pro) accounts, Marketer accounts and Agency accounts.

12. Sit Back and Enjoy!!!

Pretty cool huh? You can plan your social marketing and communications months in advance, then watch as Squareberry delivers timed messages, event reminders, and digital coupon promotions out across social media, email, and mobile devices. Remember to keep watching the Dashboard and Social Conversations areas for feedback and analytics.

Feedback and Analytics