Mobile and Social Church Communications

Web Calendars and Widgets

Integrate your website with a variety of calendars and widgets. Show off all your events with a full calendar page, or display featured happenings on an interactive home page slider or sidebar widget.

Automated Calendar Reminders on Social and Mobile

Squareberry features automated messaging to remind your followers about your upcoming events, meetings and more. Based on your settings, automated reminders about your upcoming calendar items will be sent out across social media channels and mobile devices.

Facebook Page Calendar

Facebook is the perfect place to share and display all the events happening at your church. You can display a full, dynamic calendar right on your Facebook Page. This allows your members to stay completely informed right on Facebook and helps you draw in more people from the community who use discover new places and organizations on Facebook.

Social Inbox

See all your comments, mentions and questions posted by your followers and church members. Easily monitor and manage all the social media conversation around your church taking place on Facebook and Twitter.

Easy To Use

Squareberry is designed for anyone to be able to use it. Planning events and messages is just like using a normal calendar. You add to selected date, repeat if you like, add images, and more. Squareberry is the easiest and best way to maximize your church communications.

Mobile Website

With Squareberry, you can build, update and share a sleek and dynamic mobile website. Adding pages, media and text is easy! You can share videos, photos and show off all your events. Mobile users will be kept up-to-date with your dynamic mobile calendars.

Church Mobile Calendar